Where We Build.

Our production facility is located in the town center of East Calais, VT just off of Route 14N at 34 Moscow Wood Rd. The building formally known as "Moscow Mills" was a lumber mill and then a Gris Mill in the early 1900's. After shutting down in the 1940's, it was purchased by the Cate Family and was used as a feed store in the 1950's. In the 1960's, Houghton Cate began running a TV/Radio repair shop out of the building along with the feed. This continued until the 1990's when Houghton retired. 

How We Build.

Hydro Electric Dam

The building and property is perched on the edge of the Kingsbury branch with a small lake reservoir behind the building. In the late 1960's, a self-taught Houghton Cate built a fully functional hydro electric power plant . We're happy to say that over 45 years later it still works as well as the day he finished it. Through the fall, winter and early spring months we are able to produce enough power to offset 80% of our heating consumption.

Solar Panels

To power the rest of the building, and all of the machinery, we purchase solar power generated by one of our clients in Montpelier, VT. Through the Green Mountain Power grid we are able to purchase their excess power to offset all of our electric consumption.